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This is an official website of The Academicsera. Academicsera is formed to carry on the business of promoting, forming, developing and organizing associations and networks of Chemical, Petroleum, Physics, Biology, Civil, Mechanical, Medical, Dental, Computer, Electronics, Electrical, Management, Biomedical, Bio informatics, Bio Technology, Aeronautical, Textile, Environmental and all related Doctors, Engineers and Professionals who are in the field of innovation; and to conduct, promote and organize Meetings, Conference, Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Study tours, Industry visits; and to publish professional Journals, Magazines and Newsletters; and to carry on research and development on the above fields; and to design, develop, market, purchase, sell, import and export any products or materials of any above Medical, Science and Engineering field.

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Jul 2024

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Prof. Abdulrazag Y. Zekri

Professor, UAE University

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful conference! It was insightful and well-executed, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Assistant Professor, Cyprus West University, North Cyprus.

Attending the conference was excellent and highly interesting! I Thank you for organizing such an enriching event!

Teitler Regev Sharon

Senior lecturer Economics and Management department Yezsreel valley College

Congratulations on organizing such a huge conference! It was a remarkable achievement, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a well-executed event.

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